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Why close 3 of my questions? How to improve them?

Is research being done on curing and reversing myopia, in adults ≥ 30 y.o.? Have there been any advances, or more recent research, on PERMANENTLY CURING AND REVERSING myopia in adults at least 30 ...
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How deep into the skin does topical Benzoyl Peroxide penetrate?

Why close How deep into the skin does topical Benzoyl Peroxide penetrate? as off topic, when How deep into the skin do topical acne medications penetrate? isn't? The former is a hyponym of the latter.
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If a question asking for personal medical advice is initially closed, but is then edited to be depersonalized, can it be reopened?

A user asked a question requesting personal medical advice, and it was closed. Since then, it has been edited such that it is very generic and does not include any personal details. Can the question ...
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Why was this question on the difference between Cortisone and Dihydrocortisone deemed off-topic as personal advice?

How is The difference between Cortisone and Dihydrocortisone deemed off-topic because of personal advices and my "health issues". Those reasons are virtually non-existent. Instead, the ...
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Can my post be reopened now?

Deriving life expectancy from FLIPI index data for FLIPI(3) High Risk
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Why was this question on closed by 1 mod as "requesting personal medical advice", even though the same mod said it was on-topic last year?

The question is: Title: Vaseline is used to reduce scarring following keratosis. Is there a substitute ointment that will be less uncomfortable when used near the eye? Body: After scaling a ...
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Disguised questions and measuring intents

When reading @CareyGregory's comment editing the question and having it reopened generally isn't an option because all that accomplishes is disguising the question. Considering that people that know ...
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How to handle questions that do not fit objectively a closed reason?

I understand that questions asking for medical advice are off-topic (as discussed in this meta question) and therefore should be closed. However, from what I got, there is no clear definition of what ...
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Why was this question on post-surgery wound care closed by mod as “personal medical advice”?

The question is: Title: What's the proper course of action in case a scab or crust does form over the wound during post-surgery wound care? I read in the UCLA Dermatology Post-Operative Wound Care ...
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Please re-open question with edited title

Please reopen. I edited title to be clearer. I am asking verification of a claim made in a video. Do doctors recommend that ears checked annually?
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How can we get less off topic question?

1 out of 4 question are being closed for being off topic. The majority of them are not closed by the community but by a moderator. Could the community be allowed to help close questions? Could a ...
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Why is asking question "time gap between a meal and sleep" -- considered off topic?

Originally I had asked below question in Fitness SE: What is the ideal time gap between lunch & power-nap as well as dinner & bedtime? Though I had a doubt, if it belonged to this SE. Later ...
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Can anyone work on the closing questions queue?

After we have fixed the edit queue problem (thanks to JasonC and Kate), I suggest we tackle the next one. I'm flagging multiple of questions as off-topic almost every day, and none to almost none get ...
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Is there a way to reverse my vote on whether to "close" a question or not?

I was reviewing some questions and voting on whether they should be "closed" or not, and I accidentally pressed "Leave Open" on one I certainly meant to vote "close" (Am I Concussed?). Can I alter/...
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Why is a personal medical questions not closed, while its answer has already supervised?

For example, this question: I haven't been truly hungry in a few years. A couple lines of it: I am starting to get a little concerned about something. I haven't felt truly hungry in a few years. I ...
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Closing inconsistencies regarding question on sweeteners

I don't understand why got closed while Are artificial sweeteners safe? didn't. Can somebody explain why? I copy the questions here for convenience: Are ...
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What are the benefits of eating food - closed?

What are the benefits of eating food? is apparently too broad. Why? How is it broader than these: Is there any health risk in cellular phones? Are there any health benefits to male circumcision? ...
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