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Can I ask, how to detect Palmaris longus muscle?

I have written a comment "Palmaris longus muscle" article in wikipedia shows it other way. there 1 muscle ...
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Why was this question on the difference between Cortisone and Dihydrocortisone deemed off-topic as personal advice?

How is The difference between Cortisone and Dihydrocortisone deemed off-topic because of personal advices and my "health issues". Those reasons are virtually non-existent. Instead, the ...
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Can my post be reopened now?

Deriving life expectancy from FLIPI index data for FLIPI(3) High Risk
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Is there a reason this is not closed for medical advice?

fishy odor after consuming fish has the classic There's a condition I know of two siblings having it. [...] So I'd like to know: What's the name of this condition? I flagged it for closure for ...
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Question about a biological process as opposed to medical practice

Why is my question a typical clinical question as AliceD said? I asked about the condition in itself and its causes and not about its treatment/prevention/hygiene( medical practice is only secondary ...
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Massive edits to question(s)

I personally don't see the point of "salvaging" questions by making them very different from their original. Compare: Is it possible that a person has coronavirus if he only has difficulty ...
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If and how may I ask question(s) about claims from a book that is regarded as pseudoscientific and promoting quackery?

Jerzy Zięba has written a bestselling book called "Ukryte terapie. Czego ci lekarz nie powie" ("The Hidden Therapies - What your doctor won't tell you"), which is widely considered to be pseudo-...
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"Happy marriage" question and topicality

This question was closed by myself and one other community member: The OP has edited and requested re-opening. To me, the question remains primarily ...
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Should we answer questions about using illegal drugs (e.g. hallucinogenic drugs)

I could write a fairly good answer to the question Why does the weight matter when consuming a certain amount of a specific drug? quite easily, but in the body of this question the user states that ...
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Duplicate questions: what to do?

I asked a question, and I got an answer. However I then realized there were more medic studies about this issue, so I figured I should complete my question. However if I changed it, I had to remove ...
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What's wrong with this answer about a cold?

I've posted the answer on the following question: Effect of the common cold on the immune system which was removed initially for lack of image references. Now I've been suggested that this answer ...
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What's wrong with my answer to cold in summers with nose bleeding issues?

Question: How to handle cold in summers with nose bleeding issues? Answer: Nosebleed (epistaxis) usually indicates body weakness and it can be caused by an infection, cold weather or the drying ...
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Confusing CPR question

There is this question: How are ratios for one person CPR arrived at? where it's divided to three different questions: Title question: How are ratios for one person CPR arrived at? How are the ...
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