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Is this site suitable for laypeople asking questions and expecting non-technical answers?

I was expecting that Medical Sciences.SE to be a site for people at all levels to ask on topic questions, including laypeople and students, and where they can expect that a willing expert is trying to ...
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Disguised questions and measuring intents

When reading @CareyGregory's comment editing the question and having it reopened generally isn't an option because all that accomplishes is disguising the question. Considering that people that know ...
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6 votes
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Please make clearer the requirement to include research when asking a question

I just posted my first question on this site, here. I apparently was required to add more evidence of some investigation I'd already performed, but my issue is that this was brought to my attention in ...
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Would this question about symptom control be on topic?

I'm new to this SE site and did some poking about in meta to see if I could determine if my question was on topic or not. I couldn't be 100% sure one way or the other, so I thought I'd just ask ...
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Is not researching before asking OK?

Many well-received questions in this site have very little evidence of researching. Just take the top voted question for an example: How can I protect my eyesight when using computers? My job ...
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Is this question a good fit for this site?

I have a question about a teenager friend who is greatly affected by the feelings of love he bears for a girl.She doesn't feel the same and this upsets him. You may say that this is a common story ...
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5 votes
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Is it OK to ask questions that don't show any research?

Examples: - Can MRI scans be dangerous for one's health?: Can MRIs have any deleterious effect on one's health? Or would it be safe to have say 5 MRIs per year? Inferring vitamin D level ...
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I think the reason the site attracts personal questions is because of its name

Say you have a concern about your habit, what do you say when you meet a doctor? Ok, since I was 3 years old, I have Had the habit of placing my pointer finger on my right and left temple. I used ...
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