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If a question asking for personal medical advice is initially closed, but is then edited to be depersonalized, can it be reopened?

A user asked a question requesting personal medical advice, and it was closed. Since then, it has been edited such that it is very generic and does not include any personal details. Can the question ...
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Why was this question on the difference between Cortisone and Dihydrocortisone deemed off-topic as personal advice?

How is The difference between Cortisone and Dihydrocortisone deemed off-topic because of personal advices and my "health issues". Those reasons are virtually non-existent. Instead, the ...
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1 answer

Discussion: What is needed for this site to work?

In a short exchange between @anongoodnurse and myself, it was mentioned that This site will never meet high expectations; it's a terrible fit with the SE network, and has been from the beginning ...
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Is it acceptable to give medical advice (or medical instructions) in an answer?

In the Meta discussion titled: What is a medical advice?, I found that Carey Gregory defined "medical advice" as a type of question: "Medical advice is any question that asks for a ...
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Is there a reason this is not closed for medical advice?

fishy odor after consuming fish has the classic There's a condition I know of two siblings having it. [...] So I'd like to know: What's the name of this condition? I flagged it for closure for ...
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