Some may have questions about the implications of a surgery.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Will hysterectomy affect posture or shape of the stomach?
  • What are the consequences (if any) on cosmetic jaw surgery on the bite?

These may be lame examples and in any case I wanted to ask whether in general, are questions about implications of surgery procedures on-topic?

It seems that they may not be (based on this list) which is why I wanted to confirm.


I think these types of questions are on-topic as long as they are not too broad and not too personalized. I like your examples because they ask very clear questions. Basically, you are asking "Can something happen to {body part} during {name of surgery}?" I think that these are good, clear questions that aren't too broad.

If someone instead asked "What are the risks of {name of surgery}?" it would be closed. That question would be way too broad¸and possibly even too personalized, because surgeries can have different overall risks on different people.

So, if your question is specific, I say it should be on-topic.

  • in general, are questions asking for a list considered to be broad? – Ooker Sep 25 '15 at 12:23

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