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Why did I waste time answering a question on Medical Sciences SE?

I have a question about my Medical Sciences Stack Exchange post: Why can't Asian flush be treated in a similar way to lactose intolerance? I spent time answering a question on Medical Sciences SE ...
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Is there a preferred referencing style to use?

Many questions and answers will involve citing journal articles and other scientific works. Clearly, it's desirable if there is a link to a free online version of the article. However, such links (e.g....
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Is my answer missing credible references?

I've answered a general and speculative question: How long should a person keep blood test results? with an equally general and hypothetical answer (except for a tiny point which I've edited.) Yet -...
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Fixing Request for Sources Problem

Recently, I requested a shortcut [sources] for the comments to include sources. Reading old questions and answers, I've come across the following banner below a question: I assume it has been placed ...
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When asking about an advertised method, does refering to it necessary?

My question asks about the scientificity of an advertised method. A commenter says that there is no necessity to link that ad. I agree, but I guess linking it as a reference is not a wrong thing to do....
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How do I present a valid opinion that I don't have references for

I have a question about my Health Stack Exchange post: Safe alternatives to painkillers/nsaid? So I answer a question, there is something I say that I think is helpful but don't have the references ...
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Bounty which is not in line with health SE policies

I'm concerned about the text that accompanies the bounty on this question about scleroderma. The question in it's own right is interesting, and the OP specifically asks for reliable references, but ...
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Including non-open access references? [duplicate]

Usually, in my answers, I try to only quote references that can easily be accessed by everyone online - whether book chapter available online, or papers in open access journals. However, I can also ...
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Shall I quote the references that a quote refers to?

E.g. in a question I am writing, I want to quote a webpage: Phytobezoars may be hard to diagnose [1] [...] [1] Krausz, Michael M., et al. "Surgical aspects of gastrointestinal persimmon ...
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What if the only references are not available in English?

Should we allow the answer too? Traditional cures tend to be written in local language.
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Answer A is the same with answer B, answer B has references. Would answer A be considered to have references?

Let's see this non-reference answer. It is agreed to be a good answer, but since it doesn't contain any reference, there is a comment below encourages the answerer to add. However, since there is ...
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Site specific reason for deleting answers: Misinterpreted references

Misinterpretation is a major problem The Internet is swamped with misinformation on health matters, and we want to do better. So maybe we can pack one of the major sources at the root: laypeople ...
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How to deal with citations to research hidden behind paywalls?

A lot of research ends up behind expensive paywalls and not accessible to the public. How should we deal with this? Here's a few options: We could have no preference for publicly available ...
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