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Standard comment situations: suggestions for close votes and down votes

Downvotes and close votes should always be accompanied by a comment. While not strictly required as per SE policy this is especially important for new users. We should direct our criticism at bad or ...
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Why is my question closed as "off-topic" for this site?

Why is my question closed as off-topic, really? (Right now it has 4 close votes, I'm sure by the time you read this it would have been closed already). First let me introduce a bit about myself. You ...
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I think we're done here

Every day it's an onslaught of new, asinine questions that are clearly off-topic requests for medical advice with zero value to anyone with medical interests. And every day my votes to close are ...
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Break up Medical Sciences Stack Exchange

This Stack Exchange ranks as hands-down the most newbie-unfriendly, freedom-of-information unfriendly exchange where moderators actively prevent people from helping others due to some bullcrap ...
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Is it acceptable to give medical advice (or medical instructions) in an answer?

In the Meta discussion titled: What is a medical advice?, I found that Carey Gregory defined "medical advice" as a type of question: "Medical advice is any question that asks for a ...
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If a question asking for personal medical advice is initially closed, but is then edited to be depersonalized, can it be reopened?

A user asked a question requesting personal medical advice, and it was closed. Since then, it has been edited such that it is very generic and does not include any personal details. Can the question ...
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Please Communicate: What are the next steps for this site?

Let me start with just reiterating that we all want the best for this site. As the tone gets more and more hostile (or is perceived that way by me), this is something we should all remind ourselves of....
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How can we get less off topic question?

1 out of 4 question are being closed for being off topic. The majority of them are not closed by the community but by a moderator. Could the community be allowed to help close questions? Could a ...
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Should the personal medical advice rule be changed?

Simply put, I believe that while good intentioned, the “no personal medical advice” rule is doing more harm than good. You have to remember that people come here from Google. If SE isn’t answering ...
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Verification of moderator behavior [closed]

I feel that moderator Carey Gregory ♦ deleted my answer for no reason. Answer: I tried to answer the best I know. Please, can this moderator ...
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How can we change laws / forum policy to allow basic MRI questions?

Since 2015 (currently 2021), there are just 47 MRI questions in medical sciences. I have personally witnessed how MRI questions disappear within about two weeks, leaving a 404 error. I suspect people ...
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Can we edit what is shown in the "How to Ask" on the Main Site?

By far, the biggest close reason we have is because of personal medical questions. I think I could hit my close limit everyday for month just looking for personal medical questions. Can we add to ...
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What is a medical advice?

When reading the Help section I came across the following Often asked questions that are off-topic include: medical advice for yourself or others However I didn't find any meta discussing defining ...
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Why is my question personal?

I have a question about my Medical Sciences Stack Exchange post: How to correctly use salicylic acid plasters against a plantar wart? I'm asking for clarification on what appears to be incomplete ...
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Can my post be reopened now?

Deriving life expectancy from FLIPI index data for FLIPI(3) High Risk
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