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Share with us. What is your impression of this site?

In the next week or two, we have to evaluate this site and its progress… but this is turning out to be one of the more difficult to figure out. So I'm opening a broad discussion asking you to ...
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Should we require references to back up all answers?

Health as a topic is a bit different than what most SE sites deal with. It is a lot more likely to attract users without a medical background than a programming site is to attract non-programmers. ...
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Are personal medical advice questions on topic here?

Should we allow personal medical advice question? I am inclined to say no. What are everyone else's thoughts? Consider this example question: What can I do to alleviate chronic migraine headaches? ...
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Should we initiate assisted dying?

Health.SE is dying. Continuing the medical analogies, we are suffering from multiple organ failure: bad questions bad answers not enough activity by experienced users not enough experienced users We ...
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Should the site have a clear disclaimer along the top?

I predict that one of the major criticisms of the site will be that bad medical information was provided, which could even open up the site to litigation. Might it be a good idea to have something ...
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Is Health.SE sick?

I see lots of active people complaining for unjustified and uncommented downvotes, questions that are easily closed, answers that are removed by mods (while the normal behaviour should be that users ...
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Refocusing from Health to Medical Sciences

I've talked with the moderators (as foreshadowed), consulted the rest of the community team and listened to users on meta about the difficulties faced by a site called "Health". The general consensus ...
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Health SE Disclaimer

Near the beginning of Health SE's private beta, a discussion about whether or not we should have a disclaimer came up. There were people voting that we should have a disclaimer (+10/-2) and people for ...
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What should we do with questions where the answer is clearly 'see a doctor'?

Many questions on this site are likely to have the same answer: see a doctor. What should we do with these questions? Some potential options: Close the questions as off-topic with a custom reason ...
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Self-evaluation: September 2017

We think site introspection is a good idea once in a while and there's already been a lot of it here on Health. But now that there are a bunch of real questions from real users floating around, I ...
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If a question asking for personal medical advice is initially closed, but is then edited to be depersonalized, can it be reopened?

A user asked a question requesting personal medical advice, and it was closed. Since then, it has been edited such that it is very generic and does not include any personal details. Can the question ...
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How can we help the community to develop a more discerning approach to ideas presented here?

This was prompted by Mad Scientist’s recently updated Meta post, a Meta answer by Anongoodnurse that has received disturbingly little attention, and my own recent response to a question on Main that ...
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The road to public beta: time to clean up Q&A on Health Stack Exchange

Well, this site's off to a roaring start! Kudos to everyone who has participated thus far; lotta great information here, and some promising signs of life from folks who are interested in helping each ...
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Question that should not be closed is being closed

At the time of writing, my question here is on the verge of being closed: This is exactly the kind of thing I was ...
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Is GP a British only term?

I have added a comment explaining why I closed here: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is localised and is unlikely to help other people. If you are worried about a health ...
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