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What do all the different numbers surrounding the tags listed (under my personal activities) indicate? For example, See below:

enter image description here

I know that the 16 in the highlighted image that pops up indicates that this tag has been used in 16 questions, but I don't quite get the rest. Can someone just clarify the following?

  • What does the 4 on the LEFT of "coloration-discoloration" imply?
  • What does the 5 on the RIGHT of "coloration-discoloration" imply?
  • What does 348 tags indicate at the top?
  • What does it mean when it has a 0 on the left of the tag?
  • What does it mean if it has a 0 on the right of the tag?

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Here's a simple answer:

  • The 4 means you have 4 net votes (upvotes minus downvotes) on your answers to questions which have the tag.
  • The 5 means you have written 5 posts (in your case, four questions and one answer) that use the tag.
  • 348 (now 353) means that the total number of unique tags used by questions you've asked and question you've answered is 348.
  • A 0 on the left of a tag name means your answer score is 0 for that tag.
  • There should not be a 0 to the right of the tag name. It would indicate that you have never asked a question or answered a question that uses that tag, and thus the tag wouldn't show up in your list of tags in the first place.

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