What is our stance on questions "is it safe to do X with medical condition Y"? Are they on-topic or off-topic?


Title: Is it safe to drive with a torn acl?

Last week, I tore my ACL (complete tear). Since then I've progressed from being immobilised / limited to crunches to being able to walk around with the support of a knee brace.

I do not have the full range of motion - my leg only bends a bit more than 90 degrees - and there is some instability, i.e. walking up and down stairs is uncomfortable.

I'm wondering if it is safe to drive.


Theoretically, it depends on the actual question, but I think that in most cases it constitutes personal medical advice - since many conditions can be presented in various forms and/or various degrees of severity, so a physician would need to assess all the factors and decide what is safe and what isn't for each individual patient.

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