Some of you have noticed that diamonds around here have a tendency to vaporize and (now) recrystallize without apparent cause or explanation. It's not quite that bad....

I stepped down from Health.SE moderator-ship in December, 2015, due to a variety of personal issues that prevented me from fully engaging with the site. JohnP and michaelpri have been valiantly carrying on in the interim with an understaffed crew. You all ("users") have been steadily encouraging well-conceived questions and rigorously researched answers. I, meanwhile, have been mostly uninvolved here (though I've continued to be active in moderating on the Hermeneutics.SE site).

I was not intending to come back as a moderator, but I did tell the Community Team that I would re-consider in the future if they thought it would be helpful for me to return. That time has apparently come. On reflection, I consider it a privilege to re-join this pro tempore moderator team and will do my best to serve the site. Suggestions welcome.

Thank you all for your patience through this somewhat-less-than-optimally-orchestrated operation.

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    Then I'll remove the question mark and say "Welcome back!" :-) – YviDe Mar 2 '16 at 15:44

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