Are questions about human evolution on topic?

Example (inspired by Why have 2 bones in lower arm/leg and only 1 in upper?)

We only have one bone in our upper arm (the humerus) and upper leg (the femur) and two bones in the lower arm (radius and ulna) and lower leg (tibia and fibula). Why is this?

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Biology SE has tags for both evolution:

Changes in the heritable attributes of populations of organisms over time. Major mechanisms include drift, natural selection, mutation, and gene flow (migration).

and human evolution:

The study of evolution with a particular focus on questions about the evolution of modern humans. Questions often incorporate the study of our nearest ancestors, both the extant primates and extinct pre- Homo sapiens.

Under the second tag, similar "why this and not that" questions have been answered, such as this one:

Why do we blink instead of winking each eye independently?

I'd say that these questions are not about human health per se, and therefore are off-topic. They are about a biological process (evolution) and belong to biology SE.

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