Perhaps I'm the only one that sees some conflict between the meta answer on insurance and health care systems, but to me those two have quite a bit overlap.

In fact on the idea that SE sites are a place where professionals can come and ask technical questions, most of the questions I find myself thinking of asking are in this meeting ground. Fighting with PICOS always brings up lots of frustration and questions. Techniques and case examples on getting difficult interventions/treatments approved on insurance/Medicare also come to mind. I realize the relevance of such questions doesn't extend beyond US boarders, but I don't know if that is sufficient reason to exclude them. They could be quite helpful within US borders, and I would if they can't be compared to people hacking through cultural settings in programming on SO.

There are a lot of "bureaucratic" kind of questions that might also not follow under the "insurance" umbrella. For example setting up IRB proposals or trouble shooting cold chain.

I guess this is question is partly motivated by my recent read through of the meta section. I'm trying to think about what serious, professional, medical questions I might ask here. I'm certainly unlikely to ask about anything I would want a consult on. I have questions about brand performance and certain tools, but my understanding is that such questions are a poor fit for SE in general. I want to be involved, but I know that if I don't at least have a little something beneficial drawing me in my participation will be way down.

Thanks to the mods and everyone else working on this, I know you are giving a lot on it.

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